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8. 3. Proper valve clearance is essential for ease of starting and peak engine performance. 016: 2. (4) Exhaust Valve Clearance Here is the plot for the estimated exhaust valve clearance. reckless fairing for metric motorcycles. This time around I got . 02: 3. 005″ on both the intake and exhaust valves. Valve Troubleshooting & Adjusti - Firenzee. Apr 23, 2015 · How to Install Big Bore Kit on 50cc Scooter - Every Step Included! 80cc or 100cc GY6 139QMB Engine - Duration: 1:02:26. 10mm. This is taken from the Honda XR400R 96 Competition Handbook. Comes installed with Forged Wiseco Piston and a Ported and Polished Head for added Performance. I have heard looser settings (bigger gap) give you more power due to less time for the cam to be pushing against the valve equals higher RPMs. 73 different thickness shims are available from the thinnest 1. 17mm) Exhaust valves: 0. 8mm on the exhaust just to keep it open a bit more when the intake valve is shut. xls View attachment ST1300_Valve_Shim_PNs. 70 Jun 19, 2006 · Hi all. 889mm) Blades have both SAE and metric measurements Also includes one . Specification: 17 Blades Thicknesses: I've seen several cams named but haven't seen much in the way of specs. It will take you 5 minutes the first time and 2 minutes each time after that. Fuel flow For most 150cc. (Compatible With: fit for GY6 50 150cc Motorcycle. 002-0. 150cc GY6 Starter Gear (20 teeth, OD=45mm, Tapered Bore 16. 005″ feeler gauges, and a 9mm wrench. 004″ Exhaust 0. If it is too large, the valve won't open all the way (and you'll get a loud "clattering" noise) and if it is too small (or non-existent), the valve may not properly close. Standard 8mm thread diameter. Feb 27, 2012 · The GY6 engine is noted for not having stable clearances. 004", but check your manual. 003 - . 25 then the standard 157QMJ parts will not fit. Metric Threads - Fine Thread Pitches. 100”, but once again I would recommend a little more. 007 inches (0. 04-0. The compact steel frame fits into any tool bag and most pockets. The valve clearance is the amount of space between the rocker arm (which pushes the valve open) and the top of the valve itself when the valve should be closed. 011", this converts to 0. 127"). 008: 0. Another thing to check is the air filter. Scooterpartsco. Silver Steel Feeler Gauge Set Fit For Gy6 50 150cc Motorcycle Valve Clearance. M42 Head with Metric Mechanic modifications, ready for final assembly. 012: 0. lbs. 0024 inches on the exhaust valve. 93 mm Clearance Center. 152mm blade. If you have checked all of these things, or changed them, and your gas mileage is the same as before, and you have no loss of power, I would say you are running hot, straight, and normal. grooves to the valve itself. At 10:40 PM 7/31/02 -0700, Larry Colen wrote: >"I'm not suggesting that you actually adjust your valves without a gauge, but . 004" of clearance for the exhaust valve. if I tighten the valve until it is just touching, then back it off 3/8 of a turn, it is really close to . Make sure this fits by entering your model number. These are relatively “safe” values that apply to most any engine. Use in engine assembly to check connecting rod side clearance, piston ring end gap, spark plug gap and valve lash. 174 is plenty. Using a feeler gauge, measure the gap between the top of the valve and the tappet of the rocker arm.   There are different specific engine designs used on these go karts and scooters, but the principles on this page will also apply to many different engines. Note: For high performance cylinder heads such as the Endrigo Cylinder Head, you may be able to go up to 0. It is a very easy job with a feeler gauge and can prevent costly damage to the cylinder head that would occur if the exhaust starts to blow hot gas past the valve when the engine is warm due to tight valve clearance. 0015 to 0. Screws may be mildly magnetic. 6-19. M6-Bolt or Nut--10Nm. The extent of extrusion depends upon the hardness of O-ring, the pressure, and the size of the clearance gap. Valve Clearance - Intake -Cold . 12mm (0. Heavy duty hardened steel construction for strength and longevity. We are only a message away. 007" . 02-1. Cylinder Kit:NCY GY6 150 61mm Cylinder Kit w/o head 62. 020 - 0. The service manual I have suggest . View Details. 48 $ 9 . Hey folks, I rebuilt my motor on my 2013 Taotao EVO 150 and I was told to leave the valves a little loose at 1st to let them seat properly. Inches - Metric versus Imperial equivalent screw dimensions US Wood Screws - Pilot Holes - Hard wood and soft wood pilot holes, shank clearance holes and countersink diameters Withworth Threads - Taps and Drill Sizes - Taps and drill sizes used for Whitworth - ISO 7 and ISO 228 threads Jul 17, 2017 · Turn the rocker nut clockwise to decrease the valve clearance and counterclockwise to increase the clearance. 5 main,shorty clutch,15g sliders and white main spring I use 0. 010" brass blade to use with electronic ignitions Blade length: 3-5/16 in Blade width: 1/2 in Each blade has sizes marked for easy Valve Feeler Gauge While quiting at a traffic signal, you have to have seen that if the rush is also considerably, some folks turned off their auto engines as well as unwind silently. Put it back together 10. 004″ – 0. 003″ -0. Rod part run-out of valve rod Replace it if unqualified The rod part run-out of valve rod is less than (0. Page 22: Body Panels Body Panels Body panels can be tricky to remove but there are a few tricks. *CLEARANCE* Universal cylinder head valve tool. Clearance between valve rod and valve guide pipe Clearance=A-B Inner diameter of valve guide pipe A Valve rod diameter B Repalce the valve or valve guide pipe if unqualified. 85mm) 3-Wires Fuel Sensor for GS-814 50/150cc GY6 Engine Oil Seal (27 x 42 x 7 mm) (05-02) Set screw (valve clearance) 125/150cc GY6 4-stroke 152QMI 157QMJ Price: 0,69 € including 19% VAT. In stock and ready to ship. Fits and tolerance calculator for shaft and hole according to ISO 286-1 and ANSI B4. 005-0. 96 VALVE ADJUSTING TOOL FOR GY6 SCOOTERS WITH 50cc QMB139 150cc MOTORS. Makes sense. For example, by reducing the amount of (hot) valve lash, the valve will open slightly sooner, provide slightly more lift (valve opening), and will close slightly Metric Ball Screws and Nuts Internal ball bearings provide smooth low-friction travel in applications that require high speeds, accurate positioning, and repeatable movement. Be sure you get the right one). 7 needs to be fully open, etc. 508mm Valve Offset Feeler Gauge 16 Blade. (Item included: 1 x 17 Blade Feeler Gauge. 9mm outer sleeve diameter. Motopartsmax. The screw is 24 threads per inch. It came with . 000 mm thickness shim in intervals of 0. 07mm (0. Ferguson is the #1 US plumbing supply company and a top distributor of HVAC parts, waterworks supplies, and MRO products. 2. NOTE: If you need more details, please feel free to contact us, we will get back to you ASAP. Repeat Step 5 for the exhaust (lower) valve. Valve lash is the amount of clearance (some, or none) between the intake or exhaust valve and the rocker arm. Aug 5, 2017 - Motion Pro Tappet Tool Set Valve Adjustment Honda Yamaha Suzuki Kawasaki GY6. $19. 035" Metric: 0. Discover over 198 of our best selection of Gy6 4 Valve on AliExpress. Many of them go through a period of months - adjust the valves, run it a few minutes, hours, sometimes even days, and then off again. Change the transmission oil (details here) Check and adjust valve clearance; Clean air 05 - camshaft, valve 152QMI: (05-09) Bushing 10 mm x 16 mm - (05-03) Rocker arm 125/150cc GY6 152QMI 157QMJ 4-stroke engine - (05-05) Timing chain 90L GY6 125/150cc 4-stroke 152QMI 157QMJ - (05-12) Rocker arm complete 4-stroke GY6 125/150cc - (05-08) Rocker arm adjustment 125/150cc GY6152QMI 157QMJ 4-stroke - (05-07) Rocker arm shaft - Intake 125/150cc GY6 152QMI 157QMJ 4-stroke - (05-02) Set Specifying the clearance between the piston skirt and the cylinder wall is one of the most critical aspects of any engine assembling project. With most 61mm cylinder kits Our Clearance Center highlights the best deals on go kart parts and accessories! Valve Cover for Honda GX160 or GX200 / 5. If the valve clearance does not match up to your desired specifications, loosen the nut securing the adjuster using a 9mm wrench. 055" of clearance on the intake valve and 0. These are the most common engines found in large frame Chinese scooters. e. 13 - . Roketa GK06,K&N,38 pilot,137. This Predator head will have stock size stainless valves, 25mm intake and 24mm exhaust with automotive style split keepers. Prev Product 715 of 767 Next >> Valve-Adjusting Screws (Pair) GY6. For over 16 years, this treatment has proven to increase flow at low lifts. I. Mark the intake surface section not covered by the gasket with a black permanent marker. Feb 05, 2014 · A Highly Detailed/STEP BY STEP tutorial on how to adjust the valve clearances on your GY6 scooter. Lowe'sProducts · Motion Pro T-Handle Socket Metric T-handles feature a durable nickel pewter finish. Shop for more Fuel Pumps & Tanks available online at Walmart. 3299: 0. Loosen the 9mm valve tappet lock nut and turn the tappet out several turns The manual should show a range for valve clearance adjustment. This is because the valve and valve seat inside the combustion chamber are what wear, not the cam, rockers, or lifters. Thank you. 69. 006″ How-to: Adjust your Valves. Aug 17, 2018 · GY6 Valve Adjustment - Duration: 19:38. Oct 03, 2016 · GY6 Swapping The Honda Ruckus: What To Expect From Your Swap 68,071 views | 23 comments; Recent Comments. M5-Bolt or Nut--5Nm. 0012in) 4)Measure . May 29, 2019 · Got it running a lot better, I done valve clearances to 4 and 5, and now it starts first time, done the best with the fuel air mixture, but it’s a bit temperamental until a minute or so from starting, but my lad said it ticks over when he comes to a stop now. 003" and . Add First, the outer wrench portion used to loosen or tighten the valve adjuster locknut is a 12-point socket, rather than the more secure 6-point. 003" exhaust. Charging coil gives 300 ohms, trigg for GY6 150 (Short Case) Engines, TrailMaster, BMS, Roketa, SunL, Kinroad, Hammerhead and more. Check local laws before installing. Repeat for each valve to be adjusted. Lubricate cables if required; Check all screws nuts and bolts and tighten. (Highlights, hopefully without typos. 02-1mm 17 Feeler Metric Reading Thickness Measure Gauge Motorcycle Valve Clearance Tool. I have to get used to the fact that these rev higher than bikes. Travis @ Buggy Depot on GY6 Valve Adjustment Guide; Jim Herbert on GY6 Valve Adjustment Guide; Travis @ Buggy Depot on How it works: 150cc GY6 Automatic Choke; Joshua Mckie on How it works: 150cc GY6 Automatic Choke; Ben on GY6 Valve Fittings (not included) are required to connect the clamp's ports to a control valve and an air line. Example: exhaust valve measuring . 0027"). Those 10. To use the calculator, enter your spec valve clearance in the appropriate calculator (either intake or exhaust), put in your current valve clearance, and then enter your current shim thickness (example: a shim with 1. Maybe it will help with the metric conversion debate. It contains 17 kinds of blades from 0. 003" to 0. 101 - 0. 006: 0. 035" (0. Strange thing has started happening to my BT50-QT11 Background:- Valves done to 0. Compatible With: fit for GY6 50 150cc Motorcycle. Some engine builders may cheat these values down to . If it is too large, the valve won't open all the way and if it is too small (or non-existent), the valve may not properly close, which can lead to overheating and valve seat damege. Lang Tools 3072 23 Blade Feeler Gauge For Cummins Diesel Valve Four metric hex sizes: 17, 19, 22 and 24 millimeters. Nut sold separately (1100-1223). 025mm. 003" intake and. It is amazing how often these little guys are overlooked in the tuning world. 03mm0. You’ll need a set of 0. All you have to do is transfer your carb and re-jet/re-tune it. Also known as single-start metric ball screws and nuts, these have a single thread that runs the length of the screw. 004-0. In this webinar we will discuss the aspects that influence our decision on the correct piston to bore clearance, as well as seeing how to correctly measure this clearance using a micrometer and bore gauge. Jan 24, 2016 · January 24, 2016 - Too much or too little valve clearance can result in poor performance or a rough idle because the engine can't 'breathe' normally and operate efficiently. 020" of clearance when using gaskets/RTV. The hand tool allows micro adjustment without disturbing the locknut which can be tightened when the correct clearance is achieved. 23 Buddy 125 service manual shows 0. 5 Feb 2014 A Highly Detailed/STEP BY STEP tutorial on how to adjust the valve clearances on your GY6 scooter. 08 for both Any help from a Buddy guru would be greatly appreciated. Valve sizing calculator. 18. 020, Exhaust . Step 5: - Checking the gap The rule of 9 is an easy one to remember: When you want to check the gap of valve no. 88mm Blade Gap Feeler Gauge Metric SAE Dual Reading Valve Clearance. 005" regularly. . 002- . 006″ on the valve clearance. 04mm to 0. D. 7. Each blade has both decimal and metric equivalent permanently etched into it. 005in) Lock nut 24Nm (2. 00 in upgrades. The gy6 valve specs should be. 3cc kit for most GY6 125/150cc engines. Com - An On Line Mini Buggy Forum and Go Kart Forum > Technical Discussions > 150cc GY6 and Under Perhaps Hayne's says 0. We are experts on the is motor! Learn what has taken us years to learn in around a hour. 04 mm Inlet Valve (Metric) 0. Remove valve cover. 5 out of 5 stars 1,808 Decrease Piston-Exhaust Valve Clearance Fraction Precision Set 1/8 1/16 1/32 1/64 Decimal All Inch inputs and dimensions are actual physical finished sizes (unless otherwise noted) Clutch center nut 35-40Nm 49cc gy6 1 49cc gy6 40-60NM. Shop for Valve Replacement Handles at Ferguson. Scooter Jan 13, 2014 · I upgraded to a bigger bore on my gy6 150cc go kart (KD 150 GK2 ) motor. by: gy6139qmb2013 - Sept 15, 2013 18:24:44 GMT -6 . Most engines have hydraulic lifters which require no clearance, but mechanical lifter cams do require a small amount. 2 then no. xls View attachment ST1100shimcalc-ExcelVer-DHorton. 127-0. 99 / piece Free Shipping (57) | 142 Orders Bearing and seals info gy6 125 by snaker Jul 18, 2020 14:40:02 GMT -5: 100cc+ 4 Stroke Performance. (Intake . Clamps with open arm allow you to move the holding screw to any position along the arm. . Steel structure. 80 mm Measured Clearance . stock valve springs will be replaced with 26lb springs to control that valve float. The schematic representation of the fit is also drawn. $1. Just have to watch the chain length. 080” intake side, and . Certainly the value given below of 0. 13 mm + Existing Shim 2. 10 (i can get the . 6. We offer huge stock which incorporate the least expensive 6 Feeler from Ebay. An integral check valve prevents grease from leaking when pressure causes backward flow. The Jul 29, 2010 · GY6 Valve Adjustment at 4158 Miles I loosened the 9mm locking jam nut, rotated the adjusting screw CCW and was able to get a . Especially check muffler and exhaust fasteners and front and rear axles; Every 2000 miles or every year. 5. Select Post; Deselect Post; Link to Post; Member. Loosen the 2 bolts on the chain tensioner 5. Its many features include quick and accurate calculations, user-selected units of measurement, selection of pressure relief valve size and style, valve data storage, printed reports, valve specification sheets and outline Mar 08, 2012 · e seat to fail and consequently, the valves; To help prevent this type of failure, there are a few things you can do. Readers should take not that there can be minor variations in this as there are numerous companies in China who manufacture the GY6. Popular for spark plug gaps, valve clearances etc. The intake and exhaust valves cannot move until all the running clearance (valve lash) has been taken up. * If a different procedure for measuring is needed it will be noted. Valve clearance ("valve lash", "tappet clearance") can affect the way the engine runs. Buy Vacuum Fuel Valve Fuel Cock Fuel Petcock Fuel Switch Scooter ATV GY6 50 125CC from Walmart Canada. Reface the valve seat if carbon deposit result in a calculated dimension of over 3. 5-inch stroke engine with production rods and close 150cc GY6 Engine Inner Valve Spring (L=32 mm, Width=16 mm) 150cc GY6 Engine Intake Valve (Valve D=27. If you want to check no. The tolerances defined in ISO 286-1 are applicable to size range from 0 mm to 3150 mm but there are exceptional cases defined in the standard which depend on tolerance selection. 05mm increments. (5) Total Valve Lift Here’s a plot of the total intake and exhaust lift including rocker ratios. Now I tend to use 0. Either way is a problem. Chiko you either have a 250 or a gy6 the vavle adjustment is done different on each motor what kind of buugy do you have need to know this to help out. 37. 28mm. 2 metric standards . Now do the same thing again for the other valve. Tightened down the Dec 28, 2018 · Just a quick overview and conclusion of the Piston to valve clearance check on the NCY engine build that Dan did a while back. The photographs in this booklet are installing an 80cc bore kit in a 50cc GY6. 99. Maintain a clean, efficient cooling system so the engine does not run too hot, use good quality fuels to help prevent carbon build up on the valve seats, and have your mechanic regularly check the valve clearances are within specifications. Valves are ceramic coated faces, intake valve polished and moly coated back, exhaust ceramic coated back. Drive SAE/Metric Ratchet and Socket Mechanics Tool Set with SAE Combination Ratcheting Wrench Set (62-Piece) Model# 48-22-9010-48-22-9416 View the Milwaukee Hand Tool & Storage Special Buy Promotions Sep 05, 2006 · In an effort to quantify minimum clearance, I have run static piston/head clearances down to as little as 0. Put back valve cover GY6-125, GY6-150 ATVs, UTVs, GoKarts, Scooters Clutch Roller Weights Set SEE TRANMISSION SECTION FOR MORE WEIGHTS TR6 Straight Valve Stem. 1 you need no. SOURCE: want to know what is the valve clearance of bajaj ct-100 m/c? get the engine on top dead center, take valve caps off turn over engine slowly until intake valve just closes u will be close to top dead center there. Blue Printed Oil Pump with bronze pressure relief valve sleeve or aluminum body oil pump. Also for 150cc Scooters DRIVING Wheel (Variator) COMP. Mar 13, 2020 · THINK METRIC Measured Clearance + Existing Shim = Existing Total - Ideal/Average clearance = Ideal new shim size. 005" . 99 - 3. 1 Answer Just wondering if the Valve adjustment gap on a 150cc is the same as the 125 cc? YouTube is showing completely different specs for a GY6 150 example- intake-0. Setting the valve clearances are quite straight forward, the valves should be set when the engine is cold, and when the engine is at TDC (Top Dead Centre). By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them. To achieve maximum holding capacity, position the screw closest to the base. May 11, 2011 · The E-Ton service manual for my Beamer R4 150 lists a recommended valve lash setting of 0. 01: 0. Add: 815581. I have had to adjust valves on the same engine every 2 or 3 miles at times. Amazon's Choice for valve adjustment tool Hotop Stainless Steel Feeler Gauge Dual Marked Metric and Imperial Gap Measuring Tool (0. It is a very easy  1. 00mm . 007" - Torque wrench (optional) 1. Uh, not that close. Motorcycle Engine Valve Screw Clearance Adjusting Wrench Square Hexagon Hole Adjusting Spanner Repair Tool Fit GY6 50-150CC US $1. Sold in pairs. Turn the tappet in or out as necessary to adjust. 02-1mm Set Fit for GY6 50 150cc Motorcycle Valve Clearance This is an easy to install, single bolt mount, 3-way, 3-port in-line vacuum operated fuel valve petcock (aka fuel pump) for many engines including the GY6 engine. An added benefit is that they help atomize fuel by tumbling air flow over the valve surface and pulling fuel particles off the back of the valve. Adjust the valve tappets using a feeler gauge to a clearance of : Intake- . 13-0. I will re-post my findings and let you know how it turns out after I make the necessary clearance adjustments to the exhaust and intake valves. 50. 024). Note: Adjust valves with engine at at TDC. 59. 003-. Mark this chain link 4. PICTURES ARE FOR REFERENCE ONLY AND THE PRODUCT MAY DIFFER FROM WHAT IS RECEIVED. Valve clearance? 150cc GY6 and Under Engine Tech : BuggyMasters. Line up the large hole in the cam with marked chain link 9. 004"/0. Valves - Intake & Exhaust Valve for GY6 150cc Mopeds Scooters, ATVs, Go Karts. Daniel Martin 62,978 views. 02-1 Apr 26, 2018 · 2. 9524: 0. Valve Clearances Exhaust Valve (Metric) 0. Ring Diameter End Clearance Inspection Limit; 1: 2. 58 $ 10 . Cheap engine valve, Buy Directly from China Suppliers:3x Universal Motorcycle Engine Valve adjustment tool valve screw wrench 8mm 9mm 10mm & 1x Feeler gauge gy6 50cc; gy6 125/150cc; atv/quads 110cc; clearance parts; dashes and gauges. 00Mm Metric Feeler Gauge F Average rating: 0 out of 5 stars, based on 0 reviews Current Price $9. $15. 6301 Bearing, Open, Deep Groove Radial Ball Bearing, Chrome Steel, 12mm x 37mm x 12mm, GY6-50 139QMB, 157QMJ GY6-125/150 crankcase, CF250 172MM left crankcase (1), and others Belt Cover Bolts pair w/ Cushion Blocks CFmoto 250cc 172MM CF250 Honda CH250 Honda CN250 Scooter ATV Quad Buggy Go Kart High Strength Metric 0. Head is heavily ported both intake and exhaust, moly coated intake tract double coated ceramic on exhaust. more info . Back to Home Reply Quote. Adjust valve clearance 11. One Love 2 года назад My brother that is nothing but the exhaust valve,adjust it from 0. The cam over compresses the valve spring and will not allow the motor to rotate 360 degrees ( too much lift ?) . txt May 24, 2014 · GY6 125-150 / 157QMJ Gaskets & Templates not checked my valve clearance because I do not have a metric gauge to have not checked my valve clearance because I Shop CRAFTSMAN Automotive Feeler-Gauge in the Automotive Hand Tools department at Lowe's. 13 mm clearance (a bit tight) with an existing installed shim 2. 508mm Valve Offset Feeler Gauge 17 Blade Feeler Gauge Set Fit For Gy6 50 150cc Motorcycle Valve Clearance Tool 4. As far as we know, this is the only 61mm cylinder kit for the GY6 engine that exists in the US. For California consumers: more information about our privacy practices. 0025"-. Download; 5. (15-19 Nm). 015". There is also a printable version that has both metric and inch threads. 5424: 0. They all seem to be named "A" something. 005) This being in spec but at the low end should I re-shim it to the other end of the spec? TI_Engine _Valve_Clearance_Specs. 18 mm Fastener Torque Specs SAE Metric Tool Size metric cruiser parts & accessories Items 1 to 30 of 90 total Show 9 15 30 50 75 per page Metric Bolts - Head and Wrench Sizes - ANSI/SO, DIN and JIS bolts Metric Threads - Clearance Holes and Tapping Drill Sizes - Recommended clearance holes and drill tap sizes UNC and UNF - Unified Inch Screw Threads - ANSI/ASME B1. And I am one to double check the clearances after I ajust them etc. 004 “ Exhaust . , for GY6 150 Engine The blades have 1" 45-degree offset that allows for easy clearance check. Grouped product items; Code Product Name List Price You Save You Pay Quantity; 395914: GF PVCu Check Valve EPDM Plain 16mm : £90. Update: Thanks for the response. AND HAVE THE FLYWHEEL ON THE T INSTEAD OF THE 2nd LINE!" The correct mark on the Flywheel is You Screws - Metric vs. High quality feeler gauge marked in metric and imperial measurements. Material: Steel. This would sure make things just a little easier than converting decimal inches back and forth when checking valves and/or replacing shims. 32 Blades Feeler Gauge Metric Gap Filler 0. The springs on the stock gy6 head are pathetic, and have no place being in a motor that is going to run over 5000 rpm. 19, exhaust-0. The scooter star Valve-Adjuster screws for GY6 engines. This is the clearance between the camshaft and the valve stem. Alleyoop Clutch center nut 35-40Nm 49cc gy6 1 49cc gy6 40-60NM. A feeler gauge is a must-have tool for checking valve tolerances, point gaps and other critical measurements. the 'T' is aligned with the pointer on the engine case. ] Enjoy! View attachment ST1300shimcalc-ExcelVer-DHorton-AKoczarskiMod. Before adjusting the valve clearance, u should remove the spark plug first to release compression at TDC. The blades are made of high quality carbon steel. 04 for GY6 150 (Short Case) Engines, TrailMaster, BMS, Roketa, SunL, Kinroad, Hammerhead and more. Not legal for use in California on pollution controlled vehicles. No, they are not dumb! Manganese Bronze Valve Guides for tighter valve stem – to guide clearance and extended guide life. Dec 18, 2008 · What are the valve clearances for a 125cc gy6 scooter engine? It's a baja sc 125. 3625: 2. Motorcycle Valve Lapping Stick Plastic Grip + Engine Valve Re: How do you adjust the Valve clearance on a GY6 engine by pipefitter9 » Thu Jun 24, 2010 7:20 pm Chiko you either have a 250 or a gy6 the vavle adjustment is done different on each motor what kind of buugy do you have need to know this to help out. Get quick and accurate measurements from 31 different steel blades etched with SAE and metric sizes. com. ABN Universal Standard SAE and Metric Offset Valve Feeler Gauge Glixal GY6 49cc 50cc 80cc 100cc CVK Carburetor Carb Main Jet 139QMB 139QMA #78#80#85#87#88#90#92 Using the stock 49cc head, I came up with about 0. 5-6. Yerf Dog Spiderbox GX150 Go Kart Parts from BMI Karts. New Car 16 Blade High Strength Metric 0. Valve lash adjusting nut 7 Ft Lbs . 88mm For Measurment Tool Engine Valve Adjusting Spanner Tool For Motorcycle GY6 50cc 150cc Scooter. 5 intake, 27mm exhaust and seriously good casting. Set tappet clearance to 0. shipping: + $4. ) Valve adjustment. 003” Note: Valves must be adjusted on a COLD engine. May 24, 2010 · How to adjust the valves on a GY6 engine, common in scooters and go-karts. With this 32 Blade Feeler Gauge, you get precise measurements of the clearance between parts. Usually, the Kv-value is given in the product description or datasheet. I tried the 10mm handle, and it would not fit "full-down" on the adjuster locknut, prompting concerns about slipping and potentially "rounding-off" the nut. Either way it should be fine. Tools you will need: - Socket wrench with metric sockets in sizes from 8mm to 12mm (Box wrenches will work too). TDC can be set by turning the fly wheel until the timing marks line up. Home > Go Kart Animal - L0206 - F2000 Header Bolt Kit (Metric) (1) Your Price: $3. Welcome to modest 6 Feeler online shop. 65 printed on it measures 1. 60cc GY6-QMB Motors Valve L=64mm (With Valves, Springs, NO EGR) Fits Most 49cc Chinese Scooters. Lang Valve Tappet Gauge Set 2 Ez Grip Handles 11 Offset Feeler Blades 3085 Usa. 6 mm Thickness=9. An o-ring can perform sealing by means of squeeze under low pressure conditions. 005" exhaust. Core exchange is optional. The Lexmoto Titan-125 is lexmoto flag ship 125 scooter for this year, the Titan-125 is euro 4 spec with linked brake and fuel injection, the Titan-125 also has the ability to carry a sizeable pay load under the seat, the Titan-125 comes in three different colour ways red, blue and pink. 010"-0. 005" (0. 33: 5 Valve springs: yes, the valve springs. Therefore, the amount of valve lash you use affects the engine's performance. 9525: 3. Where applicable the valve's recession or protrusion specification in relationship to the cylinder head deck surface is listed. This is the only way to develop a powerful reliable motor. These are the best clearances I found to give top performance. 200 mm thickness shim to the thickness 3. 0019 inches on intake valve and 0. 01mm increments. This is the place for info and help related to performance modifications for 100cc and larger 4 stroke scooters. Thank you all for the help. 80 mm = Existing Total 2. 95 Valve Seat Gasket for GY6, 50cc or 90cc Engine (1) 650cc - 39 Horsepower 4x2 and 4x4 w/ Differential Lock Power Steering Dump Bed 3500 lb Winch Windshield Roof Side Mirrors Single cylinder 4 stroke EFI (Electronic Fuel Injected) Fully For any difficulty using this site with a screen reader or because of a disability, please contact us at 1-800-444-3353 or cs@harborfreight. 127mm blade to slide through, but not the 0. 004in) EX: 0. Tighten the setscrew to the correct torque using a torque wrench with a star bit to lock in the valve clearance. Flex head tilts up to 180 degrees at any Extreme Motor Sales offers both long-case and short-case versions of the 150cc, 4-stroke GY6 engine. I want to work on this later or share this in a forum TRANSFER Calculated Shims to MEASUREMENTS page. For most 150cc GY6 engines the clearance should be around . Choose from our selection of thin-head wrenches, including tight-clearance open-end wrenches, tight-clearance adjustable wrenches, and more. We will share with you GY6 50cc; GY6 125/150cc; - Universal METRIC Flywheel kit for most motorcycles, dirt bikes, and ATVs *CLEARANCE* Universal cylinder head valve tool. Remove the 4 bolts that hold the head on. - Crescent wrench - Feeler gauges with sizes from 0. The usual rule of thumb for piston to valve clearance is . 100” exhaust side. Feb 17, 2008 · Valve clearance ain't got squat to do with it. Jan 12, 2014 · Adjust the valve tappets to a clearance of: Intake 0. The valve stays closed when not in use to keep out dirt and other contaminants. com Valve Troubleshooting & Adjusting If the adjustment is OK, or you can't get the engine to idle well, tighten down on the lock nut, and re-check it. 17mm) After adjustment, tighten the locknuts to 11-14 ft. 58 Sep 16, 2012 · Hello All, I do have problem with weak spark on my GY6 125cc. Zinc-plated steel fittings have mild corrosion resistance. This assures that reliability and longevity of the valve train will be greater than a stock engine, while at the same time, freeing up some horsepower even though we are using hotter cams with more lift. discover your 6 Feeler at discount and modest here. On some engine (kinroad) you may be able to adjust the valves directly on the engine. Give your GY6 based scooter some serious power with this bolt on 171. If your spec exhaust valve clearance is . 1) Made of quality steel, good toughness. 2) The oil on the blades for rust protection and lubrication. Valve clearance ("valve lash") can affect the way the engine runs. 002" intake and 0. You want to set your valve clearances to 0. C. Package Including: 1*8mm Valve Wrench 1*9mm Valve Wrench 1*10mm 4xMotorcycle Engine Valve adjustment tool valve screw wrench & 1x Feeler gauge. It is suitable for use with feeler valve gaskets and for metric clearance measurements between two parts or parts. I have seen values as low as 0. May 14, 2013 · This guide will take you through the procedure for adjusting the valves on a GY6 125 or 150cc engine. 180: 1,676: Looking for good performance upgrades by fugaziiv Jul 17, 2020 8:11:32 GMT -5 Feb 26, 2012 · [Edit: each of these spreadsheets will do either metric or 'imperial' and you can select the end clearance that you desire. The following is a general guide for installing a big bore kit OR rebuilding the GY6 type engine. I have the feeler gauge issue worked out now. 00mm ø5. 004" - 0. 4. This is for an XR400, but may apply to an XR250. 080" on the exhaust valve. It slips right in without any case boring. 02mm to 1. doc 1 06/14/2012 Technical Information Product Group: Maintenance Model: Various Engines ENGINE VALVE CLEARANCE SPECIFICATIONS Briggs & Stratton 0. It is common to designate metric fine threads with the capital M plus an indication to their nominal outer diameter and their pitch: 3-Piece Metric Flex Flare Nut Wrenches are designed 3-Piece Metric Flex Flare Nut Wrenches are designed to fit over fuel, brake, hydraulic, and other lines that carry fluids and seat on fasteners designed to prevent leakage. Rotate the cam a little bit counter clockwise 8. They have a flange that distributes pressure across a wide surface, eliminating the need for a separate washer. A replacement Guide of Valve for GY6 4 stroke engine, make the timing chain working more stable. 024 inch (24 thousandths) in a 3. GY6 50cc Adjust Nut and Screw for Valve Clearance Engine Parts Tools Helmets Accessories SpeedoMeter Racing Parts Brake System Indicators & Lights Scooter Plastic Parts Maintenance Lift Free Catalog Download Motorcycle Metric Feeler Gauge 17-Blade Spark Plug Gap Valve Tappet Measure Tool Steel 17 Blade Feeler Gauge Set Fit For GY6 50 150cc Motorcycle Valve Clearance Engine Valve clearance IN/EX clearance Parts Manifold & cylinder head bolts Lock bolt Air Cleaner Clean or replace air cleaner element Clean at every 3000km and replace if necessary Cooling water Check for engine cooling Replace at every 10000km or every Engine oil Engine lubrication Replace at every 1000kmyear 32Pcs 0. 019mm Valve Offset Feeler Gauge 16 Blade Set Silver Feeler Gauge 0. How to do a Scooter Valve Adjustment - QMB139 / GY6 - Step Compatible With: fit for GY6 50 150cc Motorcycle. Scooter 911: Find out why your scooter wont start by answering 3 questions! - Duration: 13:48. 004 gauge goes in between the tip of the stem and the tappet. Page 21: Valve Adjustment Valve Adjustment The valve gap on the 150cc scooters is 0. 5HP Clone Engine Left Crankcase VALVE ADJUSTMENT WITHOUT A FEELER GAUGE -- CH-106. Remove passenger seat The rocker arm and the valve stem-hat are where you will be checking the clearance. 003" of clearance for the intake valve and 0. And 1. 0. Hundreds to chose from with savings of up to 80%. 003 to 0. 8 to be fully open. Mar 01, 2015 | Motorcycles. 004 feeler gauge in but not the . Standard Torque Setings. Start by getting familiar with your valve and rocker assemblies. 002 for both the intake and exhaust, but that sounds kind of tight to me. com : Chinese GY6 125-150 Engine - Tools Clearance Derbi Italjet Genuine Scooter Yamaha E-Ton Honda 2Extreme Performance Piaggio Kymco BMW POLINI Suzuki Special Orders MALOSSI SYM CPI, Keeway & Binelli Zelioni Tucano Urbano Tomos TGB Aprilia Chinese Scooter Leo Vince TOURING Dr Pulley Naraku Bitubo Universal Parts Kawasaki RICAMBI Nippon Denso Drr Drx 90 Eni Motor Oil Moto Guzzi GY6 125CC 150cc Engine Gear Box Outer Shaft (C) (19 Splines L=133mm, for Short Case engine) GY6 139QMB Engine Fly Wheel CFW-50 GY6 50cc /60cc Carburetor for Peace Mopeds With Float Bowl Drain Line (PD18J) If the valve lash is set incorrectly (too much clearance, or not enough), the engine may respond by running rough at idle, particularly while warming up. If a CLEAN, usable core Zongshen ZS190 engine is returned, we will credit you back $250 via 50cc GY6 Carburetor Gasket O-ring; 50cc GY6 Engine Camshaft Seat, Rocker Arm Assembly; 50cc GY6 Engine Carburetor Gasket Set; 50cc GY6 Engine Clip; 50cc GY6 Engine Gearbox Outer Shaft (B) (19 Splines L=126mm For Short Case Engine) 50cc GY6 Engine Intale/Exhaust Valve Set; 50cc GY6 Engine Kick Start Spindle ; 50cc GY6 Engine O Ring (OD=20 mm, ID This is a complete 171cc big bore kit. 19:38. That's with no head or base gaskets, so I can assume an additional 0. Reduced Power Intake and exhaust valves that are not adjusted to open and close at the proper times degrade an engine's ability to make maximum power. Once you're at TDC, loosen the locking nut and adjust the clearance using a set of feeler gauges. 48 - $10. eg. The unique design of the tool needed to index a GY6 cam isn’t something I’ve had to work out before, and nothing reasonable immediately comes to mind without involving a 3D printer for a one-time-use indexer, or a couple afternoons on the Bridgeport if I wanted to make it a production tool. 90 shipping . then i use a small long screwdriver i put in sparkplug hole and turn engine very slow when piston just startes to go back down i adj valves. I always adjust mine to the widest clearance specified in the manual, because valves do tend to get tighter with wear. 1 mm = 0. IN: 0. The larger this value, the higher the flow rate through the valve will be at a given pressure drop. If you’ve just replaced the camshaft, make sure it’s properly timed. 00mm 28. 88 : 20% : £72. ø15. Code: MMGZ0164 metric collets 16mm, 19mm, 23mm, 25mm, Starter Clutch Removal Tool for GY6 125cc/150cc Engines 6 Feeler Hot Sale. This valve can be found on the Adly, Baja, JMstar, Jonway, Lance, NST, Peace, Roketa, Sunl, Tank, TNG, Vento, VIP, and many others These metric 316 stainless steel screws resist corrosion from chemicals and salt water better than 18-8 stainless steel screws. Preferably, a set that is in . 13 mm - Exhaust -Cold . 1. Performance Tool W125C - Performance Tool Clearance Gauges Compare Valve Adjustment Tool, Feeler Gauges, 32 Straight Tip Blades, Decimal and Metric Sizes, Each What is the valve clearance for a honda 50cc four stroke moter - Answered by a verified Motorcycle Mechanic We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. 88mm Total length of the tool 4" (100mm). Recommended Valve Clearance (inches) Measured Valve Clearance (inches) Old Shim Thickness (metric) DROWsports GY6 Donor Kit has over $150. In this video we will show you step by step how to install a big bore kit or rebuild the top end of the engine on your Yamaha C3, Zuma 50F, or Vino. 004" clearance. Holding the blades together is a knurled lock nut that can easily be used to release the blade. 000 mm. 004" have worked well for me on both 50cc and 150cc GY6 engines. 025" SAE or Metric Straight Feeler Gauge Set by AllStar Performance®. Item included: 1 x 17 Blade Feeler Gauge. We measure and check everything from compression ratio to piston wall clearance before we assemble anything. Rouse Garage 458,427 views Jun 08, 2014 · Note: too tight of valves with little or no clearance, robs you of power, and makes no noise. design makes these ramps a. 05mm in last 2 weeks Mixture screw has been screwed in and back out between 2. Use a 12mm wrench to hold the locknut socket while using square type driver to loosen or tighten the valve adjustment screw. 88 mm, 32 Blades) 4. 004 of an inch. Valve noise is normal and if there is no valve noise when you get to start the engine, the valves are too tight. 030". The valve numbers should always add up to 9. This product is intended for off-road use only. com - headquartered in Southern California, is a leading website selling Dirt Bikes parts, ATVs parts, Go Karts parts And Mopeds parts online, especially Chinese made models. 23 Dec 2014 Learn how to adjust the valves on your gas scooter or moped. *CLEARANCE* Heavy duty hardened steel hex axle tool. (See additional info) “Engine Assemble Service” We at DROWsports take a lot of pride in our motor builds. Proper valve clearance is essential for  17 Apr 2019 Now do the same thing again for the other valve. At the time of the video, I was using 0. 06 mm Electrical Battery Location Under Footwell Panel Handling and Suspension Fork Oil Volume 110 ml per leg Tyre Pressures Front 30 psi Rear 32 psi Fluids Engine Oil Grade 10w40 Gearbox Oil Grade 85w90 Oct 23, 2017 · Check each valve (remember there are 2 valves on each side for each cylinder = 4 valves per cylinder!) and record the clearances. 00mm. I was kind of lucky, I guess; all of my valves were within tolerance, with the exception of the pair of #3 exhaust valves, both of which allowed the 0. ca pressure relief valve orifice area and maximum available flow. 5425: 4. Condition: 100% new Aug 02, 2011 · This set starts as a ripper 3″ big valve Taida head with screaming huge 30. A straight 4 or 6 cylinder engine will have 1 valve cover, while “V” configured engines like a V6 or V8 will have 2 valve covers, one on each side. Your car may have 1 or 2 valve covers depending on its configuration. An o-ring is contained in a gland and forced to flow into the surface imperfections of the glands and any clearance gaps available to it. Gauges have Metric and SAE sizing Intake Height - The installed intake valve stem height, the distance between the tip of the valve and the valve spring seat, is listed in this column. If it has the taller head the chain will have 1 more link than your standard 157QMJ motor. The online leader for parts for go-karts, minibikes, and drift trikes. 08 - . Includes sizes; Imperial: 0. As valve clearances shrink (the typical result of valve wear), but not so much minimal clearance goes away, the bike will run better as valve lift is increased. The valve cover sits on top of the cylinder head and does just what its name suggests, covers the valves. 005". I called Baja customer service and they recommended GY6 Valve Adjustment Tutorial by Joey's Garage 1 year ago 10 minutes, 21 seconds 18,521 views. 0015" to 0. Jan 12, 2014 · GY6 Swapping The Honda Ruckus: What To Expect From Your Swap 68,088 views | 23 comments; Recent Comments. Place the intake gasket against the intake port so that it covers everything except the original valve areas that must be removed. 004", Fetch Content 50cc gy6 Valve adjustment. Code Abn Universal Sae Metric Offset Valve Feeler Thickness Gauge 16pc Blade Tool. Wrenches are metric pattern and have offset open ends to allow for clearance. 1) For metric threads pitch is the distance between threads. 303 stainless steel fittings are more corrosion resistant than zinc-plated steel fittings and have good chemical Metric Mechanic Inc – BMW Performance Engines, Transmissions, Differentials & Custom Parts Over 30 years experience modernizing the drivetrain through innovation, design & engineering, has earned us the reputation of being the BMW Drivetrain Experts Check valve stems for splits or cracks; Check brakes and throttle operation. $39. intake valve 3 thousands and ex 212cc Zongshen 2 Valve Performance Crate Engine ZS190 Comes fully assembled and ready to go. 005" on both the intake and exhaust valves. The following diagram has the valve clearance on the 50cc scooters. 170" of clearance, so I thought I'd be milling off at least 0. 005" in most cases. I have one intake on the front cylinder that is right at . 039 inches; Metric Bolts - Proof Loads . This is also easy to tighten so your blades don't fall out everywhere. 75, Shaft D=5mm L=66 mm) 150cc GY6 Engine Intake/Exhaust Valve Set 150cc GY6 Engine Kick Start Pedal New High Strength Metric 0. Then I tested resistance. GY6 engines the clearance should be around . ; Scooter Engine Valve Screw Adjusting Spanner Tool For GY6 50 150cc Motorcycle Package including: 1x Square Hole Tool 1x Hexagonal Hole Tool 1x Feeler Gauge ( 0. 55mm ø10. Is there only one manufacture of GY6 cams or do they copy the names too? It's n How to adjust the Valves on a GY6 engine "A LOT OF PEOPLE DO NOT REALIZE THEY ARE NOT ON T. This is the water cooled 3 valve head 49cc 4 stroke engine. 002". Adjust the rocker nut until the feeler gauge slides between the rocker arm and valve head with slight resistance. If not, remove the bolts holding the valve  15 Aug 2009 Problems with valve clearance. 014: 2. 060” intake and . This is not an exact science, but stay withing a range of 0. Give Gift Jan 12, 2014 · I really don’t want to say no, but there isn’t a clear method for indexing with common tools. 030 (A9) bigger cam installed it per camshaft installation guide and valve adjustment guide. Knurled handle to ensure a secure grip. the hot deal 6 Feeler. 002"-0. A big gap, of lets say . With normal bigger-brand scooters and motorcycles, it's considered standard practice to set this height as part of pre-sale setup or pre-delivery inspection (PDI). Compact steel frame; Flexible steel blades; Etched SAE and metric size Milwaukee 1/2 in. 3 ratio rockers to give us a bit more lift, and some mild cleanup of the ports. 006” Note: Printer paper happens to be 0. Without proper clearance, engine performance may be poor or some components could be damaged. 99 / piece Free Shipping (64) | 161 Orders On a 50cc Chinese scooter with a 139QMB engine, what's the valve clearance set to when it's new from the factory? I vaguely recall hearing . If the studs diagonally measure 3. Check the valve clearance. 004″ and 0. 007 or bigger, will make noise as rocker arm hits top of valve stem. 02-1mm Set Fit for GY6 50 150cc Motorcycle Valve Clearance Page 103 3)Measure . Jason from Bintelli Scooters takes you through an in depth, step by step video of  1 Oct 2017 Check the valve clearances as you are supposed to. Check valve clearance too, gy6 motors, and others, tend to have valves pull in after a while. 4kgt-m, 17ft-lbs) Inspect and adjust valve clearance while the Save big on Toolbarn closeout items. Shop the top 25 most popular Gy6 4 Valve at the best prices! GY6 150cc Cylinder Head; GY6 150cc Cylinder Body; GY6 150cc Right Crankcase Assembly; GY6 150cc Crankcase Assembly; GY6 150cc Crankshaft and Con'Rod Assy; GY6 150cc Camshaft Assembly; GY6 150cc Left Cover Assemby; GY6 150cc Fan Cover And Shroud; GY6 150cc Oil Pump Assembly; GY6 150cc Driven Pulley and Clutch Subassembly; GY6 150cc Transmission I've seen some people gap them as high as . Get exact measurements. After the Valve Spring From Hell incident, we’ve always run less than stock nose pressure on the Metric Mechanic performance engine we build. This sizing program is a powerful tool, yet easy to use. Brand New PETROL FUEL PUMP VALVE SWITCH PETCOCK SCOOTER MOPED GY6 125 150CC QUAD BIKE ATV. , plus shipping (Deutsche Post) Biker's Outfitter - Metric Cruisers Parts and Accessories, Chrome Covers Product Title 1 Set 17/20 Blades 0. 038 to 0. 3624: 0. I have everything apart and have checked the valves. Ref Number: 13 Cylinder Head 44mm 60cc GY6-QMB That means that the valve clearance is 0! Set to bottom of cam base circle on exhaust (turn motor 360 from that spot on the intake, 180 on the cam) and unscrew the nut holding the tappet adjuster just enough to turn the adjuster counterclockwise until the . 65mm). Most sets seem to run in . CRATE ENGINE ONLY. C 17 Blade Feeler Gauge Set Fit for GY6 50 150cc Motorcycle Valve Clearance Tool I would like to find an angled, metric feeler gauge set for checking valve clearance. Parts for the 150cc or 125cc 4-stroke GY6 QMJ/QMI157, QMJ/QMI152 engine. com with top-selling Gy6 4 Valve brands. 005 - . 022: 4. 10mm (0. 1 Unified National Thread - UNC Coarse series and UNF Fine series Purchase the performance intake valve gasket and cylinder base gasket you want the 150cc engine ports to match. Low price for scooter valve: moped tire oil seal valve scuter 50cc jog reed valve fuel pump gy6 scooter vacuum valve 100cc gy6 engine for scooter 157qmj gy6 Discount for cheap scooter valve: 125 valve pvr70 rubber scooter faucet scooter m365 tubeless valve 150 scooter petcock vacuum camshaft scooter 50cc reed valve Insightful Reviews for The smaller, 10mm diameter head allows for extra clearance between your wrench and the head for easy access. 6 Feeler Sale. 2020 popular Gy6 4 Valve trends in Automobiles & Motorcycles, Sports & Entertainment with Gy6 4 Valve and Gy6 4 Valve. 5 + 3turns N Valve adjustment procedure for Chinese 150cc GY6 scooter engine. I tested alternator which gives 37 AC volts, which is below recommended. After loading prior service session (saved from above), 1 Jun 2018 If you are looking to keep up on the maintenance of your GY6 engine, this valve adjustment is definitely something you need to know how to do. Strikes me as kinda' tight from the reading here and elsewhere most references are for 0. Oct 14, 2008 · Hi reddit! I see different opinions regarding the valve clearance of the GY6 125 engine, but what is the standard valve clearance of a 152QMI … Check the valve clearances as you are supposed to. When you have it set correctly, tighten down on the lock nut, and re-check it. On a 50cc Chinese scooter with a 139QMB engine, what's the valve clearance set to when it's new from the factory? I vaguely recall hearing . Remove chain 7. Travis @ Buggy Depot on GY6 Valve Adjustment Guide; Jim Herbert on GY6 Valve Adjustment Guide; Travis @ Buggy Depot on How it works: 150cc GY6 Automatic Choke; Joshua Mckie on How it works: 150cc GY6 Automatic Choke; Ben on GY6 Valve GY6 Mods for 150cc Scooters - Mod Kits for Gas Scooters & Go Karts This page will look at ways to modify and increase the performance of gas scooter engines which are now also being used in go karts. 002" to 0. 8lbs. Color: Silver. 080” exhaust, and Wiseco recommends discussing these lesser values with your camshaft supplier. The Kv-value is a measure of the flow rate through a valve for a given medium and pressure drop.   A lot of scooters and go This tap and clearance drill chart shows tap and clearance drill sizes for standard threads. The valve clearance specifications are as follows: Intake valves: 0. 32 Blade Deluxe SAE/Metric Feeler Gauge Gauge measures clearances from 0. But once all clearance at operating temp is lost, katy-bar-the door as you'll start losing compression and risk overheating a valve, at best leading to hard starting and poor running Take the valve cover off and measure the Head Studs Diagonally, If they measure 3" then all the 157QMJ parts will fit. 002″ – 0. , for GY6 150 Engine 32 Blade Feeler Filler Gauge Spark Plug Gap Metric Imperial Measuring Brass Tool Silver Feeler Gauge 0. Moly Top rings and 3 piece Oil Rings for good oil control & long life; Rally Engines have special Heavy Duty Tri-Metal rod bearings. gy6 valve clearance metric

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